I have qualified and specialise in the following areas of Massage Therapy: Holistic Massage Therapy - Aromatherapy - Hot Stone Massage - Deep Tissue - Thai Massage - Sports Massage - T a n tra - Massage


I'm Chris! a dynamic 32 year old young man who is here to spoil you, and provide you an upscale massage in Central London, a perfect delicious experience! Professional, and clean massage studio in Central London Next To Euston Station. I am very competent and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Professional ambiance with candles, soothing music and clean sheets and shower facilities.


  • Ipsum
Trained and certified male massage therapist. Custom massage tailored to your needs. Using standard modalities such as deep tissue, swedish and sports massage along with my own unique technique for the ultimate massage experience. Get the best of both worlds, complete relaxation and therapeutic healing along with the rush and energy flow of a skilled gay male masseur.


I have a formal massage education, so with me you're getting trained hands, a natural instinct for touch, and a therapist who's in this business ONLY because I love helping people alleviate stress and pain, who need to relax and feel good for an hour or two. I truly love my job. Marco


Every massage is different and the pressure and technique will be uniquely tailored for you. I have intuitive healing hands and you will experience a release of all your tensions from head to toe. A comfortable environment is also essential in creating an optimal massage experience. My unrushed sessions are done on a professional massage table, with unscented oils if required.

I give a full body massage that relaxes the body and mind

I know how to explore a man's body/muscles with my hands and strength for the utmost relaxing, therapeutic, and pleasurable massage. I'm focused not only on my client's needs, but also on exploring each muscle group to ensure a complete therapeutic experience.


    Reducing or eliminating pain.
    Improving joint mobility.
    Improving circulation.
    Improving lymphatic drainage.
    Reducing muscular tension.

  • Swedish Massage

    This is a gentle form of massage that uses long strokes, kneading, deep circular movements, vibration and tapping to help relax and energize you.

  • deep tissue massage

    This massage technique uses slower, more-forceful strokes to target the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue, commonly to help with muscle damage from injuries.

  • Sports Massage

    This is similar to Swedish massage, but it's geared toward people involved in sport activities to help prevent or treat injuries.

  • During a massage, a certified massage therapist or medical professional manipulates your body's soft tissues (muscle, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments and skin), using varying degrees of pressure and movement. Your massage therapy session will involve different types of strokes, of varying intensity, depending on your need.

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  • You may benefit from massage therapy to decrease swelling and impaired joint mobility, ease muscle spasms and muscle tension, and improve circulation. Massage therapy also may help to reduce stress, anxiety and pain; improve your levels of alertness; enhance sleep patterns; and release your body's natural painkillers (endorphins). Some studies show that the relaxation response, induced by therapies such as massage, may enhance immune function.

MY MASSAGE MODALITIES: Deep Tissue MASSAGE, Swedish, Sports, Aromatherapy, Thai, Medical, Neuromuscular Therapy, Hot Stone and Tan Tr a Massage. SPECIALITIES: neck, shoulders, hip/glutes, low-back, legs & arms. SPORTS MASSAGE: relaxation & circulation, relieve muscle soreness, stress & tension relief, pain relief, injury rehabilitation and correct muscular imbalances to fix postural distortion.

Although I am more than happy to work on anyone, I feel a deep connection to other men and thus consider that my specialty.